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When you turn to PowerPointAdvisor.com for your PowerPoint Presentation Design, you can rest assured that you are not only working with creative minds, but that our expert professionals…


With over millions PowerPoint presentations being produced each day around the globe, we understand that the volume you may require—cannot be a strain to your budget. This is why we offer…

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At PowerPointAdvisor.com, we understand that time is of the essence. This is why we guarantee your first draft within 48 hours—which allows you to have a finished project in your hands in just a few business days.

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PowerPoint Slide Design Outsourcing

When selecting a partner for your PowerPoint Design Outsourcing, slide design is our most sought after service. You simply provide us with your content, and one of our design experts will work with you one-on-one to ensure that we fully understand your goals—and the message you would like to deliver to your audience. This will ensure that we highlight the appropriate areas, and create a memorable experience for your viewers. Many of our clients find that slides and infographics produced through our PowerPoint Design Outsourcing, become a cornerstone of their business.

Any time you can enhance and improve the visual design of your presentation materials, you will successfully access more of your audience’s senses—as well as appeal to more learning styles. This does not mean that the text in your presentation should not be thoughtful and well researched, but that the combination of both visual imagery and text that will make a long-lasting impression. In fact, it is often the visual aids that accurately communicate the concepts at hand.

This can be achieved through a series of slides, containing powerful graphics that are custom designed with our premium creativity and innovation. While creativity is key, creating a branded and professional presentation is just one of our many goals.

By investing in our signature slide services, our expert designers will collaborate with you to deliver:

  • A targeted message that will be presented with utmost professionalism—in a manner that is designed to leave a long-lasting impression.
  • Custom graphics, diagrams, images, charts, and graphs that are individually created to successfully communicate your key points.
  • Simplify complex concepts, by breaking them down into bit sized chunks—further translated with our custom imagery and graphic design.
  • Create branded materials, and interchangeable slides that can be used time and time again as part of your professional PowerPoint presentations for years to come.

At PowerPointAdvisor.com it is our passion and our goal to deliver premium PowerPoint Design Outsourcing services—that connect with your target audience, and command attention from your first slide, to your last.

You simply provide us with a general handwritten or computer generated layout of your slides, and scan and email them to us. We will take it from there, by transforming your data into customized slides. We work round-the-clock to ensure speed of service, and our typical turnaround is just 2 business days (subject to the service package that you choose).

If we have any questions along the way, our expert designers will reach out to ensure we achieve 100% accuracy!

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